In the summer of 2011 my grandparents’ house, which carried the memories of three generation of our family, burnt in a massive fire. Once I got there for the first time after the incident, I tried hard to salvage “them” out of the ruins and see the house once again as it was in my mind. However, I could find nothing but the burnt remains of the things whose identities were difficult to identify.
Things that we wanted them to be. Things that I didn’t see before but now I was searching for their remains, piece by piece. They were these things that had made the house our home. Felt like each of them were all of our home.


Aman Askarizad (b.1986 Iran) is a Visual Artist, photographer and musician based in Helsinki. In his works, he intends to create a dialogue between lived experience in socio-political contexts, and representations and reality and dismantle the politics of it.