(sculptural Pyrography) text and images


All of us are acquainted with the tabulations of Hierarchy, designed to be Top down.
In the divisive denomination
From Alpha, beta, delta to omega.
The rule of the Nepotismic > Right
over the unprejudiced > Left .
When Control takes over balance, that is
Verticle Fanaticism against Horizontal
Equity > Ubuntu!
The understanding of hierarchy if
in its Good Book; Fetches on
the abilities of collaboration and
Otherwise the pact of the packs
will always be like – White Race above Others.
Institutional rancorous position over alternatives.
Religious crony dogmatism over sensible seekers.
Class and Caste hysteria over common humanity.
Above all these Collectives of Hierarchy
seats the Money Class an unanimous
Lord that Mars!


Suva is interested in the aspect of public anatomy – making and doing something with public. The tools of intervention, interaction, anticipation , perception and the sense of community. Interest in engaging people to perform to have access to collective understanding of Art form. He combines the notion of Body and material in his performances .

The question of the existence of ‘the Other’ in the space of ‘An-Other’ formed into an important area of his work. His status as an outsider, intermingling through performances and actions in a foreign land, is an important approach, more in the line of hyphen rather than a slash.

He combines Music, Visual Art, Bodily writing in his creative process.

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