Paroxismos mediáticos detonan
Media paroxysms detonate
la parodia de la paranoia
a parody of paranoia
Inicia la década del paro-epidemia
The decade of the outage-epidemic begins

Pringoso futuro el que nos espera
Greasy the future awaiting us
Conciliado no se sabe
It doesn’t know itself reconciled
Abigarrados tapetes cubren el camino
Motley carpets cover the road
Animadversión que cae a retales
Animosity falls like leftovers
¡Abran paso a nuevos tejidos!
Make the way for new weaves!
A texturas que inunden los sentidos
For textures that will flood the senses

Trifulcas insulsas del pasado
Bland brawls from the past
espejismos de pasiva supervivencia
mirages of passive survival
oxímoron de mutación
oxymoron for mutation
Contagio que une cables
Contagion puts cables together
Corrientes que llevan a otros cauces
Streams leading to alternative channels

La epidemia mediática una excusa
The media epidemic an excuse
para defender movimientos ciegos
to justify blind movements
La perístasis no es el virus
The issue is not the virus
sino cómo nos hemos venido moviendo
but how we have been moving

Reticencia natural
Natural reluctance
nos podrá dejar atrás
can leave us behind
como a todos esos viejos
like it did to the old folks
Aprenda usted a vestirse
Learn to dress yourself
con materiales de patrones diversos
in diverse patterns



Jessica Escobar (Habana, 1991) is a Mexican, Finnish, Cuban creator in the search of elements that make up tradition, identity and memory. Based between Helsinki and Mexico City, her work aims to understand time, space, movement, and the cognitive processes developing within them. In recent times, she has taken the concept of user experience from design and applied to it to a contemporary art practice. Currently interested in creating, collectively and individually, works that involve the general public in the development and/or completion. In 2017 she completed a BA in Industrial Design, awarded by Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City.