under lockdown we where all isolating nor that we had not been alienated already in a world of ferocious narcissism and sociopaths which had ruined all they touched now we could sense and hear smell and meditate in the evening just at sunset I would go down to the small park and dance the rituals for moon venus sun pluto saturn and the invisible cosmos of creatures to which now I own my life


Esther Planas’ research focuses on self-instituting practices during hostile times/spaces, and the power of critique and of radical gestures for producing the utopian. She works with her project Escuela de Calor/School of Calidity to generate a series of ongoing situationist processes where ‘encounters happen’ generating ephemeral contingencies where alienation and otherness is explored. Her practice is strongly informed by her background in dance and theatre and takes form multidimensionally as installation, film, lectures, publishing, performance or sound interventions. She has shown internationally, including at MACRO Museo, Rome, Hong Kong-Shenzen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture, and the International Architectural Festival Barcelona.