The media has always been a tool for the ruling classes to secure their power. Nowadays our social activities are more controlled than ever. There seems to be no way out of the Social Media Platforms that keep us “connected”, “informed” and available.

Simple methods from propaganda have been borrowed to catch the public’s attention. The use of pop-culture references and aggressive colors is deliberate. Power has always used propaganda to serve its own rights. The Cost Of Privacy uses it to better the rights of those who hold a passive power, a power that has been discovered, but not embraced. Its is a call to collaborate on creating the communicational platforms of the future with privacy in mind.

We promote community.
We feel love for all beings.
We are imagining the future.


Initiative Information:
Twitter: @The_Cost_Of_Privacy


Jessica Escobar (Habana, 1991) is in the search of elements that make up tradition, identity and memory. Her work aims to be a catalogue of time’s movement, and the cognitive processes developing around it.
She holds three nationalities (Finnish, Cuban and Mexican) which is why in 2017, after completing a BA in Industrial Design awarded by Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, she moved to Helsinki to further develop her investigation and art practice.