Short Film Screening


Saturday, February 27th, 2021 at 19:00 – 21:00

Address: UNIFORMNESS STUDIO  1952 1st ave S #4, Seattle WA 98134
Call us at (206) 298-2038 upon arrival or

For this film screening, we are selecting a few short films by our members. The event is limited to 8 people due to social distancing rules. Wearing a mask is mandatory for attendees. RSVP on this link if you are interested to attend by “February 27th, 2021”.

inside-an-airport is a study-group consisting of artists and scholars mainly from Middle Eastern backgrounds who are gathering regularly in different International Airports. The group is interested in topics related to migration, colonialization/decolonization, subjectivity, violence, surveillance, and paranoia. It originated after the conception of the T̶H̶I̶S̶ ̶W̶O̶R̶K̶S̶ ̶D̶I̶F̶F̶E̶R̶E̶N̶T̶L̶Y̶ reading group. The name of the group is referring to three things:

1. The meeting place for the reading group, which is usually (not always) inside an airport.
2. A reaction to the current neo-colonial and nationalist discourses that results in the creation of more refugees simultaneous with the construction of more borders and fences, separation of families, and immense stress and anxiety in the everyday life of racialized migrants due to criminalization of migration from the global South.
3. In the neocolonial book, “Native Land: Stop Eject”, Paul Virilio pictures a dystopian world where all cities and places on earth are functioning like airports where everyone is from a different place and no one knows where each person is from.

We are not afraid of calling out all sorts of racism. Unlike what was traditionally perceived as racism (an extension of European antisemitism of the early 20th century), today, racism can be broken into so many different categories such as market racism, structural and institutional racism, the social racism, theoretical racism, and race-blindness.