Max Kraushaar


We are please to announce Open Forum lecture and public discussion forum. A monthly series of invited guests lead and facilitate discussion of art, poetry, history, culture and other wide-ranging topics. Open Forum is happy to present Max Kraushaar as the first event of the series in 2016. Open Forum is hosted by INCA (Institute for New Connotative Action), and organized and selected by “This Might Not Work”. Seattle, USA.

Max Kraushaar was born and raised in Seattle. As an artist his goal has always been to seek answers to his own questions, regardless of medium. In the past Max has made, alone and collaboratively, books, rooms, gifs, videos, plays, sculptures, apps, photos, robots and a bunch of lame jokes. Currently Max lives in the small town of Twisp, Washington where he is building a gigantic studio that may or may not work.


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