Gary Hill


Gary Hill is one of the most important contemporary artists investigating the relationships between language/text, sounds and electronic images. He has been the recipient of many awards including the Guggenheim fellowship and MacArthur award. His influential works have been exhibited in most major contemporary art museums worldwide. Use of language and text in time based mediums such as video, sound-art, performance and installation is a major aspect of his experimental art practice. Gary Hill’s work have been continuously subject to numerous publications on many different topics in contemporary art.

In Gary Hill: Beyond the Image, Robert C Morgan writes: “…there are five discernible themes in the work of Gary Hill: one, the self-referentiality of the medium as understood through perceptual cognition; two, the viewer’s phenomenological awareness of time-consciousness; three, the relationship to and interaction of language with the structure of experience; four, the neo-metaphysical issue of Being as affected by the mediation of technology and language; and five, the problem of image in its parallel function to language.”

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“DEPTH CHARGE”, 2015 26 February - 18 April 2015 Via Stilicone, Milano

Photo: “Depth Charge” – 2015 at Lia Rumma, Milano