Barbara Polster


Barbara Polster (b. 1987, Cleveland, OH) is an artist investigating themes of human limitation, wonder, and relationship to natural scale, primarily through sculpture, installation, and video. Recent solo exhibitions: a [super]symmetry (2014) and superposition (2013), William Busta Gallery, Cleveland, OH.

In addition, she has participated in numerous group exhibitions, including exhibitions with Field Projects Gallery (NYC) at Satellite Miami, Punch Gallery (Seattle), AIR Gallery (Brooklyn), and the Cleveland Museum of Art. She was awarded the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland Neznadny + Schwartz Visiting Curator Selection by João Ribas, Deputy Director & Senior Curator, Serralves. In 2016, she will be the recipient of a 4Culture Tech Specific Grant for an upcoming installation, Kodachrome Mirage. Currently, she is an instructor in the ASUW Experimental College. BFA 2010, Cleveland Institute of Art.

barbara polster

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