Ashdod – 2011
Tuukka Kaila
size: 42 x 30 cm
technique: c-type



This photograph was taken in Ashdod, Israel. Because of its close proximity to Gaza, the town has sometimes been targeted by Hamas rockets, when the frustration and hopelessness has spilled over into action. In recent years, Israel has been a popular travel destination for skateboarders in perpetual search of warm climates and modern architecture. Hosted by local skaters, these trips mostly happen on a controlled itinerary, and seldom venture into the occupied Palestinian territories. Completely oblivious to the daily realities in the region, places like Ashdod are used as beautiful backdrops to articles and photographs of skateboarding.



Tuukka Kaila is a Helsinki-based visual artist whose work focuses on the production of photographic meaning within a wide range of contexts. Kaila’s practice exists at the intersection of art, research and publishing.