RED MAY General Assembly


Date: Saturday, November 18, 2017,  17:00
Address: Victrola Cafe, 411 15th Ave E, Seattle, Washington 98112


Join us for our kick-off jam-session for Red May 2018, the first RED MAY GENERAL ASSEMBLY, Saturday, Nov 18 at Cafe Victrola.

Here’s the plan. This is a work session. We’ll have white butcher paper taped to the surrounding walls and black markers to jot down suggestions. We want to tap into your energy and wit.

Come tell us what you liked most about Red May? What you didn’t? What events you saw? What you’d like to see?

Which ideas should we take to the next level? Should we undercut UBER and Microsoft Vans with RED MAY TRANSIT, a free ride service in underserved neighborhoods. Should we do a fashion show, RED RUNWAY? Do you have any ideas for art projects: exhibits, performances, or time-based art that might mark off the month? How about music events or sound art? Public picnics? What’s the best way to institute a RED MAY UNIVERSITY out of the various radical reading groups that are forming all over town? Where are some good venues to do a weekend on BLACK MARXISM? What kind of poetry jams could break some new ground? The blank wall awaits your text.

Treat this as a survey, if you like, or as an invite to collaborate more extensively. Maybe you have a skill that will help us mount this massive free public festival. We’re putting together a Tech Brigade, a Video Brigade, and a Graphics Brigade. We need an Outreach Coordinator, to work on connecting us to the needs and interests of communities of color, and a Hospitality Coordinator, to find places for our guest speakers to stay when in Seattle. We need two people with PR skills.

From now until the end of the year, we’ll be meeting once a month. In January and February, twice a month. In March and April, once a week. (Dates and Times will be posted on our Facebook Page and will out to our e-mail list.

So if you can’t come to Victrola from 5:00 – 7:00 on Saturday, November 18th, catch us at the next General Assembly.

Hope to see you.


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(Photo: Shane wu, Red May 2017, Capitol Hill, Seattle)